Ângelo Varela Ângelo Varela Director and Video Editor


My name is Ângelo Varela.

I’m a Filmmaker based in the UK who connects with people, brings the best results to customers and has never ever missed a deadline.
I’ve been trusted to direct and edit great content for some amazing clients, all within the budget!

If you're looking for someone who looks at things from your perspective and solves your creatives issues, then you are in the right place.

I tell stories I connect with people.

Let’s get to work!


Recent projects: Rossana - The Entertainer;  Marbles - The Different colours of mental health; O Solitário - So Original; Juicers.
NHS, True Cadence, Honor, Easyjet, Vodafone, Sagres, OLX, TAP, Galp, Thermomix and more.

                                                                                                  O Solitário, Rossana, Litos, Kelvin5Star, Hadji, Vado Más Ki Ás and more.
                  SHORT FILMS
                                                                                                 Juicers (2021); Nostalgia (2019); 1st Time (2018); Loved (2017); I Miss You (2016)


Marbles: The Different Colours of Mental Health (2023)
Honorable Mention: Mental Health Film at Greenwich Film Festival

 Juicers (2021)
Honorable Mention: Best Comedy Short Film at London-Worldwide Comedy Short Film Festival
Semi-Finalist: Best Comedy Short Film at Lit Laughs International Comedy Film Festival
Finalist: Best Comedy Short Film at Beyond the Curve International Film Festival
Selected at KIIFF


Play it Forward by DigiPops - "You need to spend time with yourself, you need to go through the journey with yourself, and try to reflect about your life."

Buala - “As minhas curta-metragens são reflexões de problemas que me rodeiam e sobre os quais acho que se deve falar”
 (in Portuguese)